Father, friend, role-model

By Rev David Bruno


~ Born on 20th July 1943
~ Father, friend, role-model
~ Sadly departed on 6th May 2016

"He was a father to me" - Rev David Bruno

Though it may never appear on our financial records here at HIANA, it would be morally criminal not to acknowledge the very special debt we owe to Terence J. Kilshaw. A debt we will not delude ourselves into thinking we shall ever be able to repay; a debt which transcends both assets and monetary value. Terry left an indelible mark not only externally upon our organisation but internally within our hearts.

Being one of the founding trustees of HIANA in 2012, Terry inspired the very name we bear (Hope In a New Age). Prior to his passing, he supported all of our mission trips to Togo and Ghana in order to bring aid to destitute orphans, building a Sunday school for over one hundred children and providing for their basic needs.

Space and time would fail me to tell completely of the debt we owe to Mr Kilshaw. Notwithstanding, through advancing the cause which he believed in and invested so much into, we will attempt by God's grace the insuperable task of repaying just a little bit of that debt we owe.

RIP Terence James Kilshaw.

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